Cecília and Nuno, the dreamers behind Kozii. What started as a wish for travelling around the globe revealed a mission: to embrace fashion with a purpose. Inspired by the unique style and history of India they created a journey of sustainability combining modern design and ancient techniques in meticulously produced garments.
Kozii is a conscious clothing brand that was born from a passion for travelling while celebrating different cultures around the world. Since the very beginning, India always played an inspirational role in its inception. As the brand continues to expand and with the simultaneous launch of the new online store and the Spring-Summer Collection for 2019, it was only natural that we headed back to Kozii’s essence: the inspiring traditions of Jaipur.
“It was in India that we found our source of inspiration, more precisely in the city of Jaipur, in the state of Rajasthan. Through the use of millennial tissue stamping techniques – such as woodblock printing, the oldest, simplest and slowest of all printing methods – we have created a line of clothing that is contemporary and at the same time safeguarding a tradition.”
Kozii’s SS19 Collection is a reverence to this technique – the block print – that lies at the very core of our clothing line. It reflects the ingrained traditions of Jaipur: the warm tones, the exotic landscapes, the people and their heart-warming stories – a place where history reveals ancient traditions that long for being revived.
There’s a small village south of Jaipur with a very distinctive block-print aesthetics. Instead of the traditional and organic patterns reminiscent of floral visuals, they celebrate geometry and the concept of repetition. These elegant patterns, almost resembling visuals from Africa, were a delightful discovery and stood as a great source of inspiration for the development of Kozii’s Spring-Summer Collection for 2019.

You can check the full collection here

Editorial: A return to India

Given the strong inspirations for this Collection, we felt that the editorial should convey the warmth of India’s landscapes. After gathering a team of highly renowned people in the Portuguese Fashion scene that have been working with us from the very beginning, we headed to Jaipur. The editorial was shot over a week at the beautiful sceneries of Nahargarh Fort and Vidyadhar Bagh with the Portuguese actress Inês-Castel Branco and the Indian model Pratyancha. Their choice was evident as they represent both sides of the contemporary/exotic dualism – alluding to the encounter of these two worlds that is so present in this collection.

We hope that you enjoy Kozii’s Spring-Summer Collection for 2019 as much as we were delighted to embrace the journey that led to its creation.

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Editorial credits

Models: Inês Castel-Branco and Pratyancha
Photography: Rui Aguiar
Make-Up: Nana Benjamin
Hairstyle: Ana Fernandes