We are going through a troubled period at a global level, a time to show that even in the most difficult moments there is unity. With this human perspective in mind and because, above all, we care about everyone’s health and well-being, we inform you that we’ll be running our business online only and that we’ll be launching this new collection with a 10% direct discount on your purchase and an extra 10% will be donated to the Red Cross, to support those who are putting their lives on the line for everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

And since we are all being forced to slow down and to rethink our values and our lives, we present you the new spring summer collection, which was precisely inspired in this urgent need to slow down.

After decades of trends of ownership and ostentation, an opposite movement has emerged, revolving around reevaluating what actually means to fill our lives with value from a whole new approach. The idea of slow living and simplicity emerges as a new type of luxury, the luxury we are gradually losing in the frenzy midst of big cities, full of everything but with such little quality of life. The idea that less is more, that the reconnection with time, space and people brings more than the “ten thousand things” modernity may have to offer. To understand that simplicity, lightness and tranquility are the newly most sophisticated and elegant lifestyle options.

And this idea was precisely what inspired the design of Kozii’s new Spring-Summer collection, and that drove a whole team to make a photoshoot in the Islands of São Tomé. Knowing that Kozii is a brand that was born from a passion for travelling while celebrating different cultures around the world, São Tomé did seem to provide a perfect synergy between Kozii’s most intrinsic values and the inspiration these islands transmit in what seems to be this new “luxurious lifestyle.”

Spring Summer 2020 - 3

In São Tomé, an expression is commonly used, an expression that translates very particularly the environment those islands transpire: leve-leve, and if we translate it directly, we would have to say: light-light. Light-light not only refers to a certain feeling of lightness and slowness but also to a certain kind of tranquility that is closely related to the natural beauty of the land.  It translates to a mood that somehow overcomes, or helps overcome, the sorrows of a country that has not yet been freed from a poor, oppressed and resourceless past. There, by the sea, and surrounded by an astounding healthy vegetation and a welcoming peaceful population, Kozii found the mirror of its new collection.

Reconnection with nature, reconnection with family, with friends, breathing slowly and unhurriedly, contemplating, having proper quality time… It is in this slower and above all more human scenario that we feel comfort, that we may feel good, again… São Tomé’s organic feel, natural warmth, and delicate gentleness emanates respect for every living thing.

The prints and color pastels for this Spring-Summer are in line with nature itself, with this holistic nature that we live in São Tomé. This simplicity, slowness, timeless stories, the travels, natural aesthetics, the places where essential values of an ethical and sustainable lifestyle are still awake.

With this in mind, and very importantly remembering the current reality we are all undergoing, Kozii has decided to retribute in as many ways as it saw possible. In every purchase you make on this new collection, you will get an immediate 10% discount and an extra 10% of your purchase will be donated to the Red Cross, so that we may contribute to the wellbeing of all as much as we can and to remind us of this this permanent need to return to what connects us to a more natural and humane world.

We hope that you enjoy Kozii’s Spring-Summer Collection for 2020 as much as Kozii was delighted to embrace the journey that led to its creation. 

You can now buy the Collection online – click here to explore Kozii’s newest timeless journey!