Earth, I feel you… by Kozii

For this season and for the first time in its 5 years of existence, Kozii’s founder and designer releases her very own capsule collection named: Earth, I feel you… Presenting the idea of a graceful and rare timeless wardrobe, thought to depend on throughout this season, and the next, and the next…

Inspiration came from contemplating hues and textures of raw nature and the harmony of natural landscapes. Featuring five styles and matching silky scarves, carefully designed to symbolize the essential elements of the brand. With this collection, the brand not only embraces its aesthetic quality and simplicity but also, in a more holistic way, the belief that there is the possibility of uniting beauty, functionality and difference. 

You can check the full collection here

In a reverence to its very own signature style, this collection’s fabrics were printed by hand using a millennial technique called Mud Resist, where a clay paste is applied by hand onto the fabric in order to create a desired pattern and let to dry. The fabric is then dipped in a cold dye solution that will only be absorbed by the areas that have no resist paste, creating beautiful unique designs, both in their geometric graphic simplicity and in their organic feel.

Crafted slowly and thoughtfully, to the scale of who makes it and of who will wear it, Kozii delivers with this limited-edition exclusive pieces of the highest quality, contemporary and at the same time safeguarding a tradition.

We hope you enjoy this very first capsule collection as much Kozii is delighted to bring it to you! Now available online – Click here to find your perfect selection!