Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI)

Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute (SSMI)

Founded in 1964 by Mrs. K. Varalakshmi Rao, SSMI is a secular, independent non-profit society, not affiliated to any national or international organization and registered as the Swami Sivananda Institute of Fine Arts and Crafts.
SSMI focuses on women’s empowerment through livelihood, on the reduction of unacceptable levels of under-nutrition, on the improvement of the quality of education and on quality health care through the growth of knowledge, skills, income and social confidence. These are amongst SSMI’s achievements over the years:

  • Income for over 250 persons, mostly women. 
  • Supplementary Nutrition to 30,000 women and children every day. 
  • Kitchens employing local women located in slums.
  • Vocational skill training for 200 girls annually. 
  • Free education to more than a thousand children. 
  • Identification of special needs and behavioral problems in children.
  • Teachers training for non-collegiate girls resident in slums. 
  • Field investigation on delivery of nutrition.
  • Medical camps in slums: Treatment to over 4000 persons annually. 
  • Studies: Condition of women living in slums; life skills for the economically challenged.

SSMI also launched "Subha – A new dawn for women”, a textile based brand which Kozii has chosen to actively work with as a means of participating in this long lived humanitarian project. Through “Subha” it becomes clear that women from under-privileged families too can become entrepreneurs.

In producing with “Subha”, Kozii aims not only to contribute to this life changing SSMI mission as well as to keep working on building a strong, responsible and conscious brand.

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