Autumn-Winter 2019

Kozii is a journey through time that immerses us on a search for value, to not only learn from ancient traditions but also to reinforce the importance of sustainability in fashion.

This 2019 Autumn-Winter collection was inspired in these current very turbulent times, where climate and environment are at the center of constant debates, and on how urgent it is to “act as if our house is on fire, because it is” as was so recently and perfectly put by Greta Thunberg’ s campaign.

In hand-woven thick cotton and a careful selection of other organic cottons and vegetable dyes, this elegant collection uses earthy eco-friendly natural colours and exhibits patterns and shapes that bring us down to earth, to nature. The reds, the muds, the blacks, the simplicity….

Following this theme, this season’s outdoor fashion campaign was shot in a location that tackles into our hearts and that fiercely reminds us of the necessity to become ever more aware. To gain a deeper conscience of what we are doing to our planet and to choose the right, the land, the earth…

As thousands of fires are ripping our landscape apart, reducing lush green forests to ashes in surreal sceneries, we have found a location that was recently burned down and chose it for its powerful capacity of impressing us. And it impresses. It impresses because nature is astonishingly dignified and beautiful too in its very worst moments and most Dantesque scenarios… And it becomes clearly imperative to care for it, to choose it. – Earth, I choose you…

We hope you experience this collection’s aesthetics, simplicity and message as much as we appreciated designing it and bring it to you in such an amazingly beautiful heartbreaking scenario.

Campaign Credits:
Photographer: Irene Sekulic
Styling: Desirée Styling
Models: Sofia Cox & Abigail Giménez KREOIDEA Agency
Make up: Jorge Fortes Gutierrez