“À Descoberta Com…” TV Show

“À Descoberta Com…” is a Portuguese TV show with a strong focus on animal and nature conservation, sustainability and science. The show is conceived and presented by the resident host, Sandra Duarte Cardoso, a doctor in veterinary medicine, activist, founder of the Portuguese ENGO SOS Animal and director of the Veterinary Hospital of SOS Animal.

Kozii is very humbly proud to have been invited by Sandra to partnership in providing a sustainable wardrobe for herself and for a couple of her guests in this amazing project that aims toward the same values and awareness of the world. Together, contributing for a better quality of life of local communities and for a more positive impact on the conservation of animal species and our shared habitat. All of which very coherently connected to Kozii’s very own roots, stories and philosophy.

In each episode, Sandra invites a Portuguese public figure and together they visit destinations of extraordinary natural beauty. They meet charismatic people from local communities, discussing and showing how sustainable tourism can positively affect the balance of ecosystems and how a traveler can be an activist when doing significant consumer choices.

In this way, each show is a passport not only to get to know a public figure but most importantly, to gain awareness of local environmental problems, different conservation projects and to share amazing adventures with unique people, creating timeless memories for all involved!

The show will broadcast in Portugal on National TV Channel SIC and throughout the world via SIC International, every Saturday, for the next 12 Saturdays, at 12 noon GMT. You will get the chance to visit countries like Colombia, Mexico, Mozambique, Thailand and Kenya and to travel with famous people like Inês Castel-Branco, Sara Matos, José Mata, Pedro Sousa, Diogo Amaral, Rita Loureiro, João Jesus e Rui Unas!

Kozii is so thankful to have provided a sustainable wardrobe for such an important project and to part in this amazing collective of efforts for a deeper awareness and for building a better world!

Do watch this show and travel these timeless journeys with an eye on what we can all do to participate in a positive way… And see Kozii’s current collection at its best, close to what matters, all along the way!