Silkscreen Printing, or Serigraphy, is a technique that involves printing ink through hand-carved stencils that are supported by a porous silk mesh stretched across a frame called a screen.


Silkscreen Printing and other stencil-based printing methods are considered among the oldest forms of printmaking and can be traced as far back as 9.000 BC, when stencils were used to decorate Egyptian tombs and Greek mosaics.


An original image or design is the first step in the process. Then the printer uses his knowledge to develop a separate stencil for each color in this design. Inks are custom mixed and matched to the desired outcome. The screen printer pulls the ink across the printing frame, which has been placed above the textile that will hold the art work. The ink is then forced through the screen, printing the desired motifs onto the fabric below.


Even knowing that silkscreen printing allows you to create multiple editions of the same artwork, each silkscreened print is considered an original piece since the tactile quality of the ink on the fabrics and the printing style are perceived as inseparable parts of the artwork, which differs invariably from printer to printer.

Like Kozii, many brands and designers are now discovering the potential of traditional crafts and revitalizing traditional artforms. With a concern for a more human and sustainable industry, a new positive dynamic is emerging between traditional crafts and the modern fashion industry. By encouraging a valued appreciation for traditional crafts, we may, hopefully, be creating a space where artisans can eventually reposition their skills and simultaneously take part and protect their traditions.

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