The wax printing technique is traditionally known as Batik, but Kozii grabs it and crafts it with its own twist. By blending in exclusive block-printed patterns to this technique, Kozii creates a fusion of designs and simultaneously a line of clothing that is contemporary and at the same time safeguarding tradition. 

In block-printed batik, the wax is initially heated and melted. It is then stamped on the fabric with the carved wooden blocks. Once it cools and dryes, the fabric is dipped into a color drum where the cooled wax acts as a resist component by not allowing the dye to penetrate the waxed areas. Finally, the fabric is dipped in a hot water solution that melts and removes the wax, leaving the area covered with wax in white or neutral color, creating in this way desired motifs.
 Batik prints are especially unique due to the way certain wax mixes "crack" during the dyeing process, allowing lines of color to break-in supposedly resistant areas, making each piece invariably unique.
 The result from this craft is beautiful in its graphic simplicity and organic feel, both strong characteristics of the brand and that make it so easily distinguishable along its way.


How to join Kozii's world and discover its timeless pieces designed to last?

If you would like to purchase our collections, the best would be to come visit one of our shops. If you can't, then simply send us a direct message on Instagram or drop us a line on our mail box with a screen-print of your favorites plus whatever questions you may have.
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