The newly landed NAGA collection was shot in Sri Lanka by an eclectic team of artists from all over the world. This collection brings us a story inspired by the Naga Kings, believed to be chiefs of the very first tribes of Sri Lanka, often represented as a class of mystical super-humans who could take the form of a snake when and if desired, embodying fiercly the knowledge of different worlds and thus manifesting a strong capacity to withstand new challenges and situations. Let us all be inspired by them!
This collection is crafted in a newly developed sustainable fibber known as ECOVERO. It is not only eco-responsible, but also very breathable, flowy and as comfortable and as silky-soft as kozii's fabrics usually are.
Hand-block printed in this delightful new fibber, this collection is summer-colorful and its patterns make us travel through the tropical beaches and rich fauna of the Naga Kings' lands, while keeping the traditional geometry that so characteristic of the brand.
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