Our materials and crafts

At Kozii, we take great care to ensure that our materials are as natural and organic as possible and constantly strive to be up-to-date with innovations available in the fashion industry that help us follow this direction.

Inspired by travels, materials
and traditional techniques.

Organic cotton, modal and silk

Cotton is the most used textile fiber in the history of clothing and in the production of textiles. It is a natural, long and resistant fiber, which guarantees quality and durability to the fabric. Due to its strength and durability, the cotton fiber has a very high versatility giving rise to good quality fabrics.

Modal fabric, originally developed in 1951, consists of a natural fiber extracted from renewable celluloid plants such as beech trees, pine trees and bamboo. Like cotton, it is a plastic-free, 100% biodegradable eco-friendly fiber.

Silk is widely regarded as the most luxurious textile on the planet. Even though it is very durable it is a 100% natural biodegradable fiber, plastic-free, healthy and eco-friendly, providing a good option for those who seek alternatives in sustainable fashion.

100% handmade soap bar

Lotus, banana, soy, corn and milk fibers

Creating organic Lotus flower fabric is a delicate, intensive and very slow eco-friendly process. Very much like our Modal, it drapes just like silk. Banana fabric is an organic vegan textile which fibbers are extracted from the stalk of the banana plant.

Organic Soybean protein fiber has the lustre of silk with an excellent drape. It is antibacterial, soft, sooth, lightweight and extremely breathable, making it very comfortable.

This Corn fiber is extracted from fermented organic corncob starch. It is so eco-friendly that it can be recycled into biological fertilizers. Milk fiber it has now taken a new dimension as an organic, biodegradable and antibacterial fabric. Draping like silk, it is temperature regulating, light, absorbent and flame resistant, providing great comfort without harming the environment.

Our crafts

“Kozii pursues a balance between the use of ancient, slow and delicate art forms with modern contemporary needs.”

Seeking inspiration from ancient printing and weaving techniques from across the globe, Kozii presents clothing and other home textiles with its very own exclusive designs and fabric compositions.

Block printing, mud resist, khadi, ikat, indigo and silkscreen are just some of the techniques our artisans use to develop our products.

100% handmade soap bar

Revitalizing traditional art forms

Like Kozii, many brands and designers are now discovering the potential of traditional crafts and revitalizing traditional art forms.

With a concern for a more human and sustainable industry, a new positive dynamic is emerging between traditional crafts and the modern fashion industry.

By encouraging a valued appreciation for traditional crafts, we may, hopefully, be creating a space where artisans can eventually reposition their skills and simultaneously take part and protect their traditions.

Inspired and produced
by people, for all people.

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Our story, our philosophy

Kozii is a journey through time that immerses us on a search for value, to learn from ancient traditions and to reinforce the importance of substance in fashion. A slow brand for those longing for aesthetics, honesty and sustainability in a clothing brand. Forever embracing the idea of fashion as a timeless journey.

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