The story behind

Born in 2015 and based in Tavira, Southern Portugal, the true origin of Kozii is the journey. Not only in the purely geographical sense but in the most important and noble sense: that of the experience of the human. Kozii is born from this delicate territory that is the other and of the respect for what it is to be human. This is what inspires Cecília and Nuno to create.

A vision made of travels,
rooted in Portugal.

A vision made of travels

We are tireless travelers, both out of love and vocation and decided to take years of experience in various parts of the world. We build a brand of clothing and accessories that reflects not only an aesthetic but also what we believe in: a fairer world, sustainable and – yes, again – human.

When visiting her parents in Mozambique, Cecília began designing garments from Batiks with the local women, as a hobby. After her graduation, she set off traveling around the world searching for new materials and techniques to make garments and accessories. Seeking to make productions and simultaneously empower local artisans to improve in their own crafts.

100% handmade soap bar

Rooted in Portugal

"For 8 years, I did productions in Mexico, India, Thailand, Brazil and Guatemala. Later on, together with Nuno, my partner who had a background in Environmental Management, decided to have kids and settle in a beautiful place where we could feel at home", Says Cecília.

"We chose Tavira, in the stunning Portuguese southern coast, and designed Kozii focused both on who we were, what we believed in and on how we thought we could fit in Tavira.”

Our philosophy

Kozii is a journey through time that immerses us on a search for value, to learn from ancient traditions and to reinforce the importance of substance in fashion.

A slow brand for those longing for aesthetics, honesty and sustainability in a clothing brand. Forever embracing the idea of fashion as a timeless journey.

‘The natural shifting of life’s experiences’ is at the core of Kozii’s values. In a world constantly forced to face fastness, there is a place where inspiration drives stories that are worth keeping, timelessly.

Timeless encounters reinforce our strengths.

100% handmade soap bar

A timeless journey

Aiming to generate a more conscious fashion Kozii takes the past as an inspiration for change and creates a healthy synergy between ancient knowledge and modern design.

Kozii pursues slow, transparent and sustainable practices throughout all the stages of its production processes. We also actively participate in the continuing revitalization of traditional textile skills.

In search for unique materials to transform and bring back home, Kozii’s collections are steeped with stories and experiences of many travels around the world, delivering fashion in organic cottons, modal, silk and cashmere wools and other natural eco-friendly fibers.

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Our crafts and materials

At Kozii, we take great care to ensure that our materials are as natural and organic as possible. We constantly strive to be up-to-date with innovations available in the fashion industry that help us follow this direction. Get to know our fabrics.

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