On a journey to São Tomé and Príncipe, we met Sónia Pessoa, a big-hearted lady who decided to leave her hometown and work with the island’s children. Getting to know Dimix Mission was the most rewarding thing about our journey. Sónia, the Mission’s founder and mentor, who is also a makeup artist, introduced us to the incredible work she was doing. As we fell in love with the island, the people and the children’s joy surrounding Sónia, we came back wanting to collaborate with the Mission’s project.

Sónia started Dimix Mission, a non-profit organization, in 2016 to financially support the access to education of dozens of children while developing extracurricular activities under the motto “Educating through art, instilling a taste for reading, respect for people, animals and the environment”. Gaining non-governmental organization status in 2017, their activities extend from juniors to seniors involving the whole community that Sónia embraced with such passion.

June 1st was International Children’s Day, and we chose this date to start collecting a donation for the Dimix Mission. For each item sold in our Elements’s collection, 50 cents will revert to this extraordinary project. It is our way of contributing and maintain a link with such a worthwhile mission. Only visiting the islands, we understand the scarceness of everyday life despite the joy and friendliness spirit we experienced. It’s “leve-leve” as we heard, meaning light-light, an expression that translates the island’s harmony!

Find out more and get involved! For more information about the mission contact associacao@missaodimix.org or explore their website at www.missaodimix.org

Join us for a cause!