For this Spring/Summer season, we will not have one, but three collections that are linked together, in a journey between the techniques, fabrics, silhouettes and patterns that are so characteristic of Kozii’s DNA.

This first capsule collection called Black is Black is a fruit of our debut with a very special innovative raw material, obtained purely from hand-harvested organic lotus fibers, a material that is resistant and at the same time delicate. Produced on traditional Burmese looms, this fabric makes its very own smooth and gentle path from nature to us, and this is clear when we feel it as a second skin.

Block printed purely in Black on White, we have transferred onto these luxurious fabrics simple and geometric patterns, which transport us to the lines with which nature draws itself.  This choice of colors on this incredible fabric selection symbolizes the basis and foundation of the new reality we are all facing right ahead of us.

Black here is seen as a boundless canvas of imagination on which we can freely write our futures, a neutrality that marks a new beginning for which many elements will be needed – especially those that are within our own selves – strength, tranquility and resilience – and that will help us weave our lives into a better tomorrow. 

We start this new season with this elegant neutrality also to give way and prepare our canvasses of imagination for brighter elements such as water, earth and fire. Elements that inspired our following collections. But that is for later, for now, we give into the Lotus, gently and organically.

The Lotus flower holds great symbolic weight in many Eastern cultures and is considered one of the most sacred plants in the world. Of a pure and mighty beauty, it submerges every night in the water, and it reappears, as if by magic, beautifully, every morning. And this is what we want to bring to you, for now… – rebirth, blossom and enlightenment.

We hope you enjoy our new journey as much as we enjoyed the process that led to its creation!