Never has the notion of a cozy nest made so much sense. Although we are in the process of de-confinement, and we can finally begin to appreciate the outdoors, our relationship with our houses and the environment that surrounds us has, undoubtedly, gained new contours in this past year. Taking care of the spaces we inhabit has become ever so more important as we begin to gradually give more value to the comfort, materials, and to the harmony of the colors and patterns that give personality to our homes.

At Kozii’s physical stores, home decor items, such as rugs, cushions and blankets, have always been present in an annual gathering with our clothing collections. Anyone who knows our stores also knows that our home collections complement our fashion designs, jewelry and other adornments. Only these were not available online, but from now on, and at the request of many of our dear customers, these can now be viewed and ordered through our e-shop.

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Kozii’s DNA is clearly shown in our home designs, with block printed patterns on carefully selected cottons, with flowing hues of colors and the different environments that each line creates. All the pieces are unique, always with that distinctive touch of who has hand-printed them. It is these perfect imperfections created with the hand printed wooden blocks that make these collections distinct and authentic, clearly swerving away from the parameters of fast fashion and mass production.

The pieces are designed and thought as a whole coherent feel that results in the possibility of creating different environments. Thought to work simultaneously at home, at a restaurant, hotel or any other liveable space. This nest concept is combined with the idea of coziness, naturalness and comfort, all of which essential values of the brand.

The collections are designed by us, in Tavira, and printed manually in India, with the team that embodies a small family factory in Rajasthan, with whom we’ve been working from day one. This bridge between the two countries is for us as important as the values ?we seek to represent, those of consciousness, sustainability, authenticity, tradition and contemporary design.